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Fabric Trims for Apparel & Craft

If you're looking for appliques, beautiful and elegant DIY accessories, lace in a variety of styles and colors, and gorgeous and unusual sequin and pearl trims, look no further than Dove Originals Trims. We stock hundreds of wonderful fur, feather, and fancy trims for apparel and crafts by the yard and by the reel.

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Look no further than Dove Original Trims if you're looking for apparel and craft trims in a variety of styles and colors. We stock hundreds of fabric trims for apparel craft that will help you realize your DIY vision, from simple patches to beautiful embellishments. We're sure to have the perfect item for your needs, whether you're making an elegant dress or a unique Halloween costume. Browse our complete selection of crafting supplies today to see what inspires you!


Spruce up your clothing, accessories and crafts with appliques of a familiar character. Our Winnie the Pooh Collection is one of our most popular lines of appliques for many crafting projects. Simply iron on the applique to personalize your favorite apparel in a variety of fabrics. Many of our appliques are designed for babies and children, so you can put them on gifts for baby showers, birthdays and christenings. Colorful patterns look great on purses and skirts, and paisley designs make brilliant additions to cordurorys.

DIY Accessories

Our selection of DIY accessories can put that unique final touch on your crafting project. Our accessories can give your project that pop of color you're looking for, whether it's a gorgeous floral embellishment or an eye-catching ribbon bow. Browse our DIY accessories trims to see how we can help you take your project to the next level.

Metallic, Chain and Denim Trims 

Our collection of metallic, chain and denim trims provide accents for any project. They can give drapes and pillows new life with their elegant, vibrant colors. Tops and skirts can also receive a unique flair with these trims.

Our unique selection of metallic trims adds energy to your crafts, especially our novelty trims. These trims include multi-color coins and butterflies that you can use to create fun designs. Chain trims include double loops, crossover braids and gimp braids, which have recently become popular for many applications. We also have the perfect denim trims to accent your project, which can help you craft an original piece in a traditional style or match the look of an existing item.

Fur and Feathers

Our fur and feather trims include bands and boas that provide great ways to accent your project. These quirky trims include jaguar trim for your boots or a pink feather collar. DIY costumes are one of our favorite applications for fur and feather trims, whether you're designing a wardrobe for a theater production or just creating a Halloween costume. You'll love the value and variety of these trims that are available from Dove Originals Trims.

Heirloom Sewing Trims

Our heirloom sewing trims add an elegant look to your sewing projects. These beautifully crafted and detailed edgings are made from the softest cotton and polyester blends, making them perfect for baby pillows and Christening dresses. We also carry a wide selection of lace and ruffled binding that can help compliment these delicate trims. Browse our selection of heirloom sewing trims to find the perfect accent for your project.

Edgings and Ruffles

Edgings and ruffles add that final touch of elegance to your project. Our wide selection of edgings and ruffles are available in a variety of colors, styles and textures, from gorgeous floral edging in bold tones to delicate lace ruffles. These trims are made from materials such as fine cotton, polyester and satin, which have been crafted with beautiful, eye-catching detail.

Edgings and ruffles include bindings, eyelets and lace, which make charming accents for blankets, quilts and throw rugs. Small children will particularly love these items with silky ruffled bindings. Eyelets in a white or pastel color can turn an ordinary pair of shorts into a fashion statement, and lace can add a dramatic flair to a simple skirt.

Roses and Pearl Trims

Roses and pearl trims add unique accents to ornate projects, especially for weddings. These projects include dresses, other apparel and gifts. These trims are available from Dove Originals Trims at the largest selection and lowest prices, allowing you to find the perfect additions for your crafts. Refine your search by selecting only pearl or rose trims in your browser.

Sequins and Beaded Trims

Sequins and beaded trims liven up any craft project with an unmistakable flair you won't get with any other trims. These beautiful fabric trims can line the bottoms of your skirts, shorts and rompers to give them a unique, playful look. Our sequins and beaded trims are available in a wide variety of looks and colors at the lowest price you'll find anywhere. Check our projects to see what fun we're having with these trims! Shop our sequins and bearded trims by the yard or in pre-cut lengths.

Sequins by the Yard

 Our dazzling sequins can put the finishing touches on a new creation or breathe new life into an old item. These trims are ideal for costume designs, home decor applications and personalized apparel. Our sequins are available by the yard in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your crafting project. Browse our full selection of sequins and other trims today.