Metallic, Chain and Denim Trims

Metallic, Chain, Novelty & Denim Trims

Our collection of flat, chain, metallic and denim trims includes some truly gorgeous accents that will elevate any project. Elegant and vibrantly colored detailing breathes new life into pillows and drapes and adds a unique flare to tops, skirts, and other apparel. 

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Unique Styles

Metallic trims and novelty designs can bring a vibrant energy to your crafts. With a selection of trims as unique as you are, we provide you with the exact looks you need. Novelty trims feature fun designs like multi-color coins, butterflies, and more!

Traditional Styles

Double loops, gimp braids, and crossover braids have become popular styles for a wide variety of applications. If you’re looking to match the look of an existing item or craft an original piece that is reminiscent of a traditional style, we have the perfect trims to accent your project.