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Bay Leaf Wreath

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DIY Wreath Project from Dove Originals Trims



This very easy to make bay leaf wreath not only looks charming hanging in a kitchen window or on a cabinet door, it also smells good too. It depends up color, symmetry, and simplicity for its appeal.

To make this wreath you will need:

  • 25-30 flat dried bay leaves. I have a large bay tree, and when I trim it back I collect all of the leaves, lay them between sheets of paper towels, and set a weight on top of them. You can also press the leaves between the pages of a telephone book. Allow them to dry for 1-2 weeks before using. Or you can purchase bay leaves at your local grocery store. Try to pick out the flattest ones.
  • A 6 inch or 8 inch green Styrofoam circular wreath form.
  • A 4-5 inch piece of floral wire.
  • A hot glue gun.


Begin by carefully cutting back the rounded edge of the wreath form to create a flat surface for gluing.


Once that is accomplished, glue bay leaves around the wreath being sure to keep them evenly spaced both at the outside edge and in the center. You want to keep your wreath uniform and symmetrical.


Glue a second layer between every two leaves and continue adding leaves until you are pleased with the result. Allow your wreath to sit for a few minutes until the hot glue is firm.

When the glue is dry, turn your wreath face down, take the 4 inch length of wire, double it to make a loop, and insert the end into the Styrofoam close to the front edge. Fix the wire in place with a daub of hot glue. (For a young child, use a circle of cardboard rather than Styrofoam and white glue as opposed to a glue gun.)


And that’s it! Hang and enjoy. 

By Florence Dove Google

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