Our clearance trims, unless otherwise noted, are first quality reel ends, odd lots, etc. We discount these odds and ends significantly so that we can make additional space for new products. The selection varies constantly so stop by Dove Originals Trims frequently to check out what is new.

Featured Items

Beaded Trims and Sequins

The beaded trim and sequin clearance range at Dove Originals Trims is your opportunity to procure some goods that will have you producing unique designs that are guaranteed to catch everybody's eye. You can inspire others with your custom creations and breakaway from the conventional means of home decoration projects are really make a statement. The limits are endless with our beaded trim and sequin range, and the freedom of choice is something that all of our customers love. When you buy from the Dove Originals Trims beaded trims and sequins range you are well on your way to truly customizing the clothing or furniture that you have.

Blanket Binding

In our blanket binding clearance range you will find Wrights packaged blanket binding at very low prices. We stock 25-yard rolls of blanket binding in a huge selection of colors, some of which are EXCLUSIVE to us. Blanket binding is perfect for bringing your old blankets back to life and even for creating new ones. Blanket binding is perfect for children's blankets as the soft feel of the sating is brilliant for soothing them at bedtime. Our blanket binding range features a variety of machine washable patterns all made from 100% polyester.

Cord and Lip

Have a browse through our selection of cording with lip that will make your upholstery and drapery really stand out in your home. Cording with lip is generally used to add a delightful finishing touch to your projects such as pillows, throws, quilts, valances, and more. Here at Doves Originals Trims, we stock cord and lip from top brands Conso and Wrights, in a wide range of colors and fetching designs to compliment your work and truly add a unique touch to your project.


Using cord as an embellishment is a very easy and versatile way to add visual interest to your sewing projects. You can use cording on virtually everything from garment construction and modification to home decor projects and accessories, and everything in between. If making your own piping or cording doesn't appeal to you, there are also endless varieties of premade options available. Cording can be used as a functional and tasteful design element, such as buttonhole loops, curtain ties and small handbag straps. Cording can also be used for some very elaborate decoration. This kind of cording is often done by hand and really makes for a stunning finished garment though if you have the patience for it.

Fringe Trim

Fringe trim is a fantastic way to an element of movement to a garment. Fringe trim is completely decorative and serves no functional purpose, it is usually applied to the edge of a garment or a piece of furniture. Fringe trim was originally created to prevent a piece of fabric from unraveling. It has been used since the beginning of recorded human history and was generally made from the fabric that was being adorned with trim. These days, it is usually made separately and then affixed to the garment or piece of home decor. A good idea for using fringe trim is to adorn throw pillows.

Gimp Cord and Flat Braid

With the gimp cord and flat braid trimmings clearance section from Dove Originals Trims you can take embellishing your soft furnishings to another level. With gimp cords and flat braids you can add a little touch of individuality and creativity to your cushions and pelmets etc. A wide range of trimmings are available to suit all tastes and decor, with something to match virtually every color and pattern, there is sure to be something that you find that will suit your requirements in the Dove Originals Trims gimp cord and flat braid clearance section.

Miscellaneous Trims

Here at Dove Originals Trims we have a wide range of miscellaneous trims that are perfect for use in a range of knitting, crocheting, or sewing projects. We carry many themed trims that will be well-suited to all manner of home decor projects. Among the miscellaneous trims in our clearance section are several Disney themed elastic ribbons that will be the perfect addition to children's clothing and fancy dress costumes. Looking for iron on patches? Don't worry, we can take care of that too.

Ribbon Trim

Whatever project you have in mind, we have something that will suit your needs in our ribbon trim clearance section. Whether you want to create the perfect wedding day or add the finishing touch to your gifts with curled or printed ribbons, we have something to suit your needs. You are guaranteed to find exactly what you want in our delightful selection of ribbon trims. We sell ribbon by the metre or by the roll, in a variety of widths and designs.

Ric Rac Trim

Ric rac trim is a flat narrow braid which is woven in zigzag form, and used as a trimming for clothing or curtains. A wavy ric rac design that is cut from satin ribbon creates a trim that is fresh, fun, and full of endless possibilities. For example, you could tie it in bows for a truly unique look for all of your gifts and home decor projects.