Conso Trims

Conso Trims

We offer a selection of Conso home decorating trims such as gimp, fringe, cording, braid, and more at discounted prices. Please contact us via email if you need a product not listed.

Best Selling

Conso Beaded Trims

Our variety of Conso beaded trims come on a twill or ribbon header, which can be inserted into a seam or glued in place, for example on to a lampshade or even on to a dress or handbag if you are feeling creative, and then covered with another trim, if you wish to, to hide the tape. Our range of beaded trims enable you to produce unique designs that will catch every person's eye. With these Conso beaded trims you can inspire others with your beautiful customised creations while breaking away from tired and conservative styles that really don't you make your signature statement.

Conso Cording

We stock a variety of Conso cording that is perfect for many uses including adding a unique accent to throw pillows, blankets, and home decor items. Our wide range of Conso cording included a number of different styles and colors that will be perfect whatever your project. From solid, vibrant colors, to more subtle earthier shades, we stock something to suit everybody's individual preferences. So, grab that plain, old cushion and some Conso cording and really brighten it up with your individual stamp. All of our impressive collection of Conso cording is sold to you at wholesale prices, meaning that you'll be getting the best price available.

Conso Flat Trims

Whether you want to finish your next project with beautiful decorative trim or are looking for a design to inspire your next masterpiece, we have something suit your needs. Our range of top-quality Conso flat trims are suitable for a variety of uses including all of your home decorating projects such as customizing pillows, draperies, cushions, and ottomans. You are sure to find something that is the perfect match for your project in our range of Conso flat trims, as we have a variety of tasteful styles for you to choose from.

Conso Fringe

We have a wide range of Conso fringes that are best suited for a variety of home decorating purposes. Due to the heavy nature of these fringes it is recommended that they are used on such things as valances, draperies, or furniture. They can even be affixed to tablecloths and lampshades for a unique and interesting finish, with a variety of colors to choose from there we are bound to have something to match your furniture. Our impressive range of Cosno fringes come in a variety of styles and designs, with something to match even the most unusual of patterns and colors.

Conso Gimp

We supply the upholstery industry with top-quality Conso gimp trim in a wide assortment of colors and styles. Gimp trim is a quick and relatively easy way to add a focal point to furniture that is not only eye-catching, but also incredibly elegant looking too. Our range of Conso gimp trims are perfect to finish edges of upholstered pieces, and as a delightful trim on draperies, cornices, valances, and pillows. With a variety of different styles and colors, we are sure that we stock something that will give your piece a new lease on life.

Conso Tassels Tiebacks

Bring a real touch of class to your curtains with our curtain tiebacks and tassels. You can effortlessly compose your curtains so that they are sweeping to the side when you open them and have the ability to tie them with a neat and tidy tiebacks. Our Conso tassels / tiebacks are the perfect finishing touch to your home decorating projects. When you have just finished your window display and you feel like there is something missing, what do you do? You buy one of our Conso tassels or tiebacks for a beautiful finishing touch - that's what!