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Easy Earrings From Rick Rack

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DIY Jewelry Project


With just a few lengths of standard rick rack, you can make these delightful vintage look earrings. Since each earring uses only 11 inches of rick rack, a pair of earrings can easily be made from scraps that otherwise might be discarded. The instructions for these earrings came from my friend Gwen Houston, who collects, makes, and sells beautiful vintage jewelry.

Materials for One Pair:

  • 2 earring backs in your choice of styles. Small packages of earring backs are available in the beads section of most craft stores. 
  • 2 pieces of 1/2 inch rick rack, each 11 inches long. 
  • Craft glue such as Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive or a hot glue gun. 
  • Beads, pearls, or other small embellishments. 
  • Needle and thread.


Thread the needle and knot about 4 inches from the ends of the thread.. Using a running stitch (see stitch pattern below), gather one length of the rick rack into a tight circular pattern. Tie both ends of the thread together, being careful not to break the thread as you tighten and adjust the rick rack. Repeat with the second length of rick rack to create a pair. Glue a bead or other embellishment to the center front and a finding to the back. Let dry. That’s it!


By Florence Dove Google

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