Cording with Lip

Cording Trim with Lip

Have you ever shopped for fancy pillows, custom valances, and decorative bed coverlets? Then you know that these items are really pricey to purchase ready-made from the store. If you can sew a simple straight stitch, you can get the same look for a fraction of the price by choosing cording trim with lip here at Dove Originals, where we stock a wide variety of styles and colors of cord with lip from quality brands like Conso and Wrights.

Lipped cord trim, sometimes called rope cording, gives you the option of stitching the trim directly into the outside seam or hem of your pillow shams, curtains, throw pillows, and other home decor items. Add a length of multi-colored Sunrise Check Ply Lip cording to the drapes in your country kitchen for a splash of color, or stitch some Oyster White Lip cord onto crisp white cotton pillowcases to create a luxurious set of designer pillows for your master bedroom.

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