Cording Trim

Want to freshen up your tired old tablecloth, switch up the decor in your bathroom, or decorate a plain picture frame? Cording trim, also often called twisted cord, is affordable and oh so versatile. It can be applied to fabrics using blind tacking and overcasting, and all you need to secure it onto hard surfaces is a hot glue gun, making this trim a popular choice among teachers and youth group leaders who want a low-cost, easy-to-use trim to make kid-friendly craft projects with.

Here at Dove Originals, you've find a huge variety of cording sold both by the yard and in pre-cut packages, making it easy for you to buy exactly what you need for your next home decor project or craft night. We sell cording in any color you can imagine, including metallic gold cording you can use to create a simple, yet elegant, tieback for your curtains or trim to glue onto a simple mirror.

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