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Quick Tip for Storing Sewing Machine Needles

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Keep Your Sewing Machine Needles Organized

Have you ever sat down to sew and had to hunt through boxes and drawers to find the size and type needle you need for your project?

Here's a simple tip: Purchase a loose leaf 3 ring binder (or reuse an old one) and a small package of the plastic pockets (available in most stationary and photo supple stores) used to hold film slides. A package of needles fits perfectly in each pocket. Alternatively, rather than use a 3 ring binder, affix 3 cup hooks to the inside of a door in your sewing cabinet and hang the plastic pockets.

Use a fine point permanent magic marker or a small label on each pocket for stitch notes on each type needle (tension, stitch length or width, cautions, etc.).

Your needles will be easy to find and you'll have important information easily available. I hope this tip is helpful to you.

By Florence Dove Google

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