Ribbon for Crafting and Decor

We have beautiful ribbon to meet every need from plain to fancy and for every occasion. We specialize in unusual and gorgeous metallic jacquard ribbon, and we offer it at prices well below our competition. Explore our collection of ribbons and discover the perfect complement for your next crafting project!

Please Note: Our bulk ribbons come to us on large spools which occasionally have a break or two due to the manufacturing process.  We cannot cut around these breaks; however, we include some additional ribbon in your order to compensate when there is a join/break in the ribbon length.

Best Selling

Christmas ribbon

Fill your stockings with our fantastic range of Christmas ribbon, with delightful seasonal styles including snowflakes, wreaths, and snowy landscapes there's so much to choose from at Dove Originals Trims. There are a lot more uses for a Christmas ribbon than simply wrapping gifts. You can build fantastic ribbon trees and use them as a centerpiece during Christmas dinner or even as a Christmas tree decoration. With our range of Christmas ribbons you can add the finishing to touch to and gift wrapping or a festive twist on your needlecraft projects.

Disney Ribbon

Disney has been a part of our lives for nearly half a century now so why not treat your little ones to some of ribbons? Our range of Disney ribbons can make the perfect finishing touch to any little Prince or Princess's birthday or Christmas celebrations, with a little something special to suit a wide range of taste and budgets.

Floral and Paisley Ribbon

Floral and paisley ribbon adds a sophisticated charm to any project and is available here in a multitude of colors and designs. All of our extremely high-quality floral and paisley ribbons feature intricate embroidery in a variety of styles - there is something to suit all tastes! Our range features several ribbon trims with delicate patterns that are perfect for children's apparel and home decorating.

Greek Key Ribbon

The Greek Key pattern is a charming, unique style that is bound to catch the eye of all who see your amazing creation. At Dove Original Trims we have this delightful pattern available in a variety of vibrant colors and styles. This style of ribbon is perfect for creating one-of-a-kind projects and for accenting a loved one's gifts.

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is characterized by its unique ribbed appearance and its unparalleled strength. Grosgrain ribbon is extremely durable and offers all of your projects a premium look and feel by giving it a different, sophisticated texture. Browse our big selection of wonderful colors and fetching patterns where you are bound to find something that suits your exact requirements.

Metallic Ribbon

Add a bit of sparkle to any of your projects with a metallic ribbon from Dove Originals Trims. Our metallic ribbon is an excellent choice for all your holiday needs, from gift wrapping to decorating. With a variety of ribbons available all of which are finished with a variety of different colors, patterns, and lustre. The sheen of these ribbons will add a whole new dimension to projects that they are attached to.

Novelty and Grosgrain Ribbon

Our range of novelty ribbons feature unusual patterns and textures that will truly set your project apart from the crowd. You can really add an extra bit of personality to your project with out impressive range of novelty ribbons. Have a browse of the quirky and cute themed novelty and grosgrain ribbons that we have available.

Russian Design Ribbon

This beautiful series of ribbons is perfect for adorning home decorating projects, crafts, costumes, and more. These subtle ribbons are perfect for bringing out the sophisticated side of your projects when you really want to capture a subtle, yet dramatic feel. This series of ribbons features a variety of traditional looking designs that are both beautiful and classic.

Satin Ribbon

A satin ribbon can often be the perfect eye-catching finishing touch to your special occasion. Whether you want to create some wonderful gift wrap design, a delightful bouquet wrapped in ribbon, a luxury cake board edging, or even stylish home decor, satin ribbon is sure to impress all that see it. Satin ribbon is perfect for crafts as well as a whole range of sewing projects, for example trimming girls dresses.

Sheer Ribbon

Our collection of sheer ribbons are perfect for adding elegance to any gift or special invitation, they are also great for weddings. Among this wonderful collection is a delightful pink sheer ribbon that is embroidered with a beautiful butterfly pattern and dark pink trim, and a sheer satin-edged yellow and dark blue ribbon that is embellished with hot pink, and metallic glued-on gold flowers with muted gold stitching. In this collection is something to suit every event, from wedding to christenings and everything in between!

Stretch Ribbon

These elastic ribbons are perfect for a variety of DIY projects around the home as well as for use modifying garments. One such use for these elastic ribbons is in pointe shoes. When pointe shoes were first created, satin ribbons were the only way of holding the shoes to the wearer's feet. As ballet has steadily evolved, it has become extremely important to make use of more supportive elastics around the ankle or instep so that the shoe is held more securely to the foot - and that is where these stretch ribbons come in!

Tapestry Ribbon

Tapestry ribbon is often designed to be reminiscent of hand-stitched petit point. This sort of trim is heavy to be used on any kind of home decorating project, and would exceptionally good on valances or draperies.

Velvet Ribbon

Our sublime velvet ribbon collection includes velvet lace, crushed velvet, edged velvet, velvet piping, velvet gimps, and velvet braids. The velvet ribbon collection will enable your project to ooze sophistication.