Sewing & Quilting

Sewing & Quilting

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Blanket Binding, Tapes, and Trims

Blanket bindings and bias tapes are versatile tools for adding vibrant accents to a wide variety of crafting projects. On their own, they can be used to craft amazing centerpieces and other gorgeous displays. When combined with quilts and blankets, they can add an extra dimension to your favorite items or revitalize faded colors for a like-new look!

Knitting Tools and Essentials

Our collection of knitting kits, looms, needles, and more will help crafters of all levels achieve the best results. Whether you’re just starting on your first project or you’ve been knitting for years, we have the essential tools for you.


Belting and Webbing

Sewing trims are often what makes the difference between a plain, simple project and one that really stands out. Simply adding a strip of colorful belting can transform a pair of ready-made drapes or give your gym bag a custom look.

Want to add a wider strap to your favorite handbag? Check out our durable 1" wide tote strapping. Need to spruce up a hand-me-down knapsack? Why not sew some dusty rose saddle stitch belting on to make it look brand new?

We stock a wide assortment of sewing trims ranging from basic black cotton belting to our funky zebra print webbing that's sure to turn heads. At these low, low prices you can afford to fill your sewing basket with a rainbow of colorful DIY sewing supplies!

Blanket Binding

Don't let those handmade blankets and quilts sit unused in the back of your closet - give them new life with fresh blanket binding from Wrights!

Here at Dove Originals, you'll find the best prices on DIY quilting supplies like this vibrant, 100% polyester blanket bindings in a stunning satin finish. One package gives you plenty of binding to complete any size of blanket or quilt, while we also stock jumbo-sized 25-yard rolls that are perfect for teachers and sewing clubs.

Bulk and Pkg. Tapes

Channel your inner Martha Stewart by stocking up on these versatile sewing trims for your home decor projects! Available both by the yard and in pre-packaged lengths, these bias tapes come in a massive array of colors so you'll never have to settle for 'close enough' when you shop for your DIY sewing supplies here on Dove Originals.

Don't see the color you need? No problem - we're happy to create a custom order just for you.

Knitting and Crochet

Looking to sharpen up your needles and knit up a storm?

We've got all the knitting and crochet supplies you need to purl, loop, and yarn over to your hearts' content here at Dove Originals. For the newbies we stock learn to knit and learn to crochet kits from Boye, while nothing is cuter than a set of custom-crocheted pet projects for your favorite four-legged friend.

We also stock a great assortment of needlecraft supplies including round loom sets and scarf tools as well as the popular lineup of Crochet Dude cases and needles!

Notions and Pkg. Trims

Whether you're a full-time seamstress, a novice with a needle or you're somewhere in between, you know that nothing is more satisfying than customizing your clothes with sewing trims and fashion accents.

Take a look at our wide selection of sewing notions and package trims here at Dove Originals. We've gathered together a great lineup of DIY sewing supplies that make it easy for you to express your style without breaking the bank. Spruce up a pair of plain-Jane jeans with a fancy iron-on applique; add some metallic gold braid to a blouse, or even make up your very own personalized t-shirt with our EZ Iron-On letters in your choice of white or glitter silver.

Rulers, Pens & Thread

Keep your stash of DIY sewing supplies topped up with these high-quality quilting rulers, pens and thread so you can be ready to stitch up a storm at a moments' notice!

We stock a huge variety of DIY quilting supplies that can help elevate your next project. Cut clean, accurate squares with our easy-to-read transparent quilting rulers, and create unique shapes with templates by EZ Quilting. Don't forget to stock up on glass head pins to keep everything tidy, and it never hurts to have an extra quilting pen or two in your basket of DIY quilting supplies.