Blanket Binding

Blanket Binding: Bulk Rolls & Packaged Lengths

We offer all colors of Wrights packaged blanket binding for only $5.96 per package for standard colors. We also stock 25 yard rolls of bulk blanket binding in a wide selection of colors, some exclusive to us. Blanket binding is ideal for refurbishing old blankets and for making new ones. Children love blankets bound with satin binding as the soft feel of the fabric is soothing at bedtime. 

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Here at Dove Originals Trims we stock all the crafting supplies, DIY quilting supplies and DIY sewing supplies you need to make your next project a true masterpiece, including our huge assortment of blanket binding. Available in every color imaginable, our Wrights blanket bindings make finishing the edges on your handmade quilt or blanket simple, while our bulk 25 yard rolls are great for high-volume sewers and crafters who teach lessons, sell their work, or simply make lots and lots of quilts! Our blanket bindings make it easy to transform a plain piece of fleece into a custom-made blanket. Simply choose a blanket binding that either matches, or compliments, the color of your fleece, finish the edges with the binding, and you'll have whipped up a cozy blanket in no time!

Wrights Blanket Binding

If you've ever cut your own binding strips by hand, you know how difficult and time-consuming measuring and cutting strips of fabric on the bias can be. Not only does making your own blanket binding take a great deal of skill, it can also be expensive - that's why our lineup of Wrights blanket bindings are seen as essential DIY sewing supplies among so many quilters, crafters and home sewers.

For a baby blanket, consider an ultra-soft binding such as the 2" white satin blanket binding, 2" porcelain blue satin blanket binding or the 2" light pink satin blanket binding which are all made of hypo-allergenic 100% polyester that is both machine washable and dry-cleanable.

When you're looking for a fun way to finish your crafting project, be sure to take a look at the 2" leopard satin blanket binding, 2" chevron multi-color blanket binding, and the 2" zebra satin blanket binding! We even stock an eye-catching 2" pink satin blanket binding that features the iconic pink breast cancer ribbon - it's perfect for finishing the edges of a cozy chemo blanket or quilt you'll be raffling off to raise funds for breast cancer programs.

Many of the colors are exclusive to Dove Originals Trim, so look to us for colors such as gold, burgundy, antique gold, and flag gold!

Bulk 25 Yard Rolls

Whether you're planning on sewing up a few quilts or blankets, getting ready to teach a blanket finishing class or you want to save money on your DIY quilting supplies by buying in bulk you'll save big by buying our 25 yard rolls of blanket binding. Available in more colors than you might expect, all of our bulk blanket binding is pre-shrunk and ready to use. Most of our 25 yard rolls of blanket binding come in standard 2" widths, however, we do have a number of options in the narrow 1" size as well including 1" baby pink, 1" baby blue, 1" ivory and 1" black satin..

And while blanket binding is designed for finishing the edges of quilts and blankets, there are also endless ways to use it in crafting projects. Blanket binding rolls make it easy to add a professional finish to your comforter covers, create bridal garters, customize towels, level-up window treatments and more - the possibilities are endless!