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Wrights Blanket Binding

Wrights Blanket Binding has been the go-to name for vibrant, high quality products for decades and we are proud to carry their wide selection here at Dove Originals. These pre-packaged sets cover the full spectrum of colors as well as a number of fun and unique patterns so you can find the perfect blanket binding for your next project. At these prices, you can stock up on frequently used trims and ensure you'll never be without a necessary sewing accessory when you need it. Want some inspiration? Check out our Fun Projects and Tips and How-To's pages to learn more about what you can do with our amazing product lines!

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As a result of government tariffs imposed on September 24th, some Wrights products manufactured in China will have a price increase on October 15th. These products include but are not limited to blanket binding, packaged bias tapes, corded piping, quilt binding, ruffled quilt binding, eyelet, faux fur, and lace. Please plan accordingly.