Packaged Bias Tape

Packaged Bias Tape

We have a variety of pre-packaged bias tape to suit all of your needs. Whether you want to add a professional finish to one of your projects or create some delightful bindings, we have something for you. All of our packaged bias tape comes in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all tastes. Our packaged bias tape adds charm and character to just about anything. 

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Double Fold Bias Tape

Double fold bias tape is an extremely popular choice among craft aficionados and create a delightful finish on whatever it is applied to. It sandwiches around a fabric edge and finishes it off with a perfectly crisp edge of Bias Tape. Double fold bias tape can be used for hems and necklines, it all depends on personal preference - whether you want to see that bias tape from the front of your project or not.

Single Fold Bias Tape

Single fold bias tape is essentially a long strip of fabric with both ends already folded under so that it is ready for use. Since it is cut on the bias it can curve around edges extremely well. Single fold bias is used to hem curved edges, for example on a circle skirt, and around neck lines. It can also be used as a ready-made strip of trim that will add a delightful and unique charm to your project.