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Buying piping n bulk is perfect for those learning to sew

With Bulk Piping Tape you can always stay stocked with extra materials if you make a mistake. Long-time crafters love these 50 yard bulk segments because it’s easy to keep stocked up and you can tackle larger projects or multiple projects at once! Teachers appreciate bulk packaging for its low prices and ability to share with a full class of students. Our bulk piping take is available in a wide range of colors and tones! Browse below and find the perfect selection for you. If you’re looking for smaller segments, we sell pre-packaged 2.5 yard piping segments as well. 

Bulk Piping Color Chart

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As a result of government tariffs imposed on September 24th, our bulk bias tapes and bulk piping will have a 10% price increase on November 15. Although these products are produced in the USA, some components are imported from China. Please plan accordingly. 

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