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Fabric Trim, Cording, Fringe, and Sewing & Quilting Supplies

    Welcome to Dove Originals Trims

Our website is available for ordering 24/7. If you need personal assistance, please contact us at 860-623-9320 Monday through Friday EST from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We do not offer live help on Saturday or Sunday.

Dove Originals Trims offers beautiful home decorating, quilting, and sewing fabric trims that will stimulate your creativity and help you to create a stunning home. Whether you're looking for hand tied fringe to add an elegant touch to a room or a packaged trim to complete a special sewing or quilting project, Dove Originals Trims offers a fabulous selection of discounted fabric trims with prices far below retail. You'll find trims and sewing notions from quality manufacturers such as Conso, Simplicity Wrights, EZ Quilting, Trading Spaces, Boye, and Bondex.

To ensure quick shipping, Dove Originals Trims carries a large inventory of fringe, gimp braid fabric trim, lace trim, cording, lip cording, iron on letters, beaded trim, sequins, satin roses and pearls, jacquard and velvet decorative ribbon, quilting, craft and sewing supplies such as satin blanket binding, and sewing notions (rulers, templates, packaged trims). No Minimum Order Required and we ship fast. Relax, browse our site, and check out our specials.

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GINGHAM ISN’T JUST FOR PICNIC BASKETS ANYMORE: Prada is apparently playing with gingham in a variety of ways. And some are calling gingham ‘the new stripe.” Coats, dresses, swimwear, sneakers, blouses, and skirts are all sporting gingham in varying size checks, often combined with solids. Umbrella, sunglasses (Bottega Veneta), and casual tablewear (Sabre Paris) designers have gone for gingham in a big way as well. The look is an interesting blend of casual and country, a fine line indeed to tread well. Gingham isn’t just for home décor anymore.

SHIPPING REFUND POLICY CHANGE: Dove Originals Trims refunds excess shipping if we can mail your package more economically. In the past we have refunded cash directly to your credit card or to your PayPal account. But with increased credit card processing charges for refunds, we will now issue your refund as a store credit. This means that your actual refund will be higher since there is no deduction for processing fees. When you make your next purchase, your credit will be automatically applied to your total. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

DOVE ORIGINALS TRIMS IS A DISTRIBUTOR FOR WM WRIGHT COMPANY AND CONSO. We can supply you with any Wrights or Conso products that are currently listed by them. Additionally we can sometimes obtain discontinued trims. We stock a significant number of Wrights and Conso trims, but if you don’t see what you need please contact us with your request. If you can provide us with the 10 digit SKU (shown on the label), we can likely order the item for you.

JUST IN! BULK ROLLS OF 1/2 INCH DOUBLE FOLD BIAS BINDING TAPE: Dove Originals Trims now stocks 50 yard spools of double face 1/2 inch bias binding tape in 13 pretty colors. Bias tape is ideal for covering the raw edges of fabric and adds a nice decorative touch. Since it's cut on the bias, curves can be encased with no wrinkling or pulling. We also offer bias tape in 145 yard spools for even more savings. Special color orders are no problem, so if you don't see the color you need, simply contact us.

WOW! We were really delighted to see the MVV Style article featuring "Jersey Shore" star Snooki wearing a shirt customized with our glitter gold letters. Snooki was photographed in this adorable shirt reading "Brunette Mafia" at the Wrestlemania XXVII press conference, and she looked just great! Why not customize a shirt for your next big event?

QUICK FLASH: Conso has Introduced the Arbor Collection, inspired by the opulent interiors of 19th century manor houses. This collection combines drape, sheen, color and texture in a comprehensive trimmings range of classic beauty and elegance. Collection colors include birch, magnolia, willow, balsam, maple, and black cherry. Available now. Click here for more information.

At Dove Originals Trims we realize that many of our customers are also small business merchants. So we are pleased to bring you the following report on trends in home decorating.

In 2008 home decorating trims took their lead from apparel with classic colors, lace, glossy leathers, fur, glitter sequin trims, and beads inspiring new directions in home fashions. Click here to read more about the latest fashions in home decorating and about the manufacturers who influence these directions.

Dove Originals Trims is happy to share with you some of our favorite home decorating projects and sewing tips. We hope that you'll find this information helpful.

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  • Besides sharing my favorite craft, home decorating, and sewing tips and projects, I also also enjoy sharing my favorite recipes. I love to cook, and I love to create new recipes and variations on old standards. I hope you enjoy these. Bon Appetit!

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